A messy pile of books about UX, including Universal Methods of Design and Building User Research
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A person with a pencil clenched between their teeth as they look at a laptop screen.
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  • how students were currently using ebooks for their academics
  • what pain points they were experiencing
  • the meanings of print books and ebooks in…

Bookshelves filled with books, with no people in sight.
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A wave cresting under a stormy sky
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While it might seem that user-centered design practices and UX capacities are ubiquitous, there are plenty of industries where it’s still a new horizon. Here’s some advice I wish I’d gotten when starting out.

An iguana jumping across a gap between two ledges
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A row of skis propped up in the snow
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First, what is greed?

Aerial view of person in a maze-like building at the top of a staircase
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Kelly Dagan

User Experience Librarian, passionate about information systems, UX, and design. I’ve written for UX Collective & The Startup. www.kellydagan.com, @K4Dag

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